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SDJZU Held the Evaluation Meeting of Joint Program in Civil Engineering

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Recently, according to the request of the Provincial Education Department on Sino-foreign Joint Programmes, our university organized and held the evaluation meeting of Joint Program in civil engineering. Vice President Liu Su attended the meeting, director of the International Office, Teaching Affairs Office, Financial Department, Audit Department, Dean’s Office, and School of Civil Engineering also presented at the meeting.  

Chen Baoming, the director of International Office, conveyed the conference spirit of Joint Program evaluation meeting held by the Education Department on 5 March. According to the request of higher authorities, our university established the leading group of Joint Program evaluation, designed implementation plan. This plan put forward the clear request for the project in working time, schedule of works, and combed various measures of the self-evaluation, made clear the emphasis of different apartments.

Vice president Liu Su proposed four requests: firstly, pay great attention on this valuation. Civil engineering program is the traditional strength of our university, and has made significant achievements, has a good social influence, we must pay high attention to the evaluation work to secure approval smoothly. Second. Pay high attrition to quality. We should learn the superior document very hard and understand its spirit to ensure high quality. Third, departments should unite as one, to finish the Joint Program evaluation excellently. Four, bring Sino-foreign education cooperation into the overall thinking of our university.

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