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Introduction to School of Civil Engineering

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哈德斯菲尔德大学语言课程 The School of Civil Engineering was first instituted as the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering of Shandong Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering in 1958. In 1998, the State Education Commission made an adjustment of undergraduate course programs, where, the original Discipline of Architectural Engineering and Discipline of Transport Engineering were combined as Discipline of Civil Engineering, and accordingly, the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering was renamed Department of Civil Engineering. In April 2002, the School of Civil Engineering was established, consisting of four graduate disciplines, namely, Civil Engineering, City Underground Space Engineering, Engineering of Surveying and Mapping, and Geographic Information System. Among them, the Discipline of Civil Engineering, a national characteristic specialty, passed the evaluation in November 2003 and re-evaluation in May 2008 by the National Professional Education Evaluation Committee, which proves that the educational level in this discipline reached a top-ranking level nationwide.

The School of Civil Engineering has a total of 141 faculty members, including 22 professors and 53 associate professors; 41 with a Doctoral degree, four part time doctoral supervisors, and 49 master's supervisors; four candidates for the national New Century Talents Project, four young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, and three experts enjoying the special government allowance of the State Council; two provincial-level master teachers, and one "Top Ten Outstanding Teachers From All Higher Learning Schools of Shandong Province".

At present, the School of Civil Engineering has master degrees in first-class disciplines in civil engineering (including four second-class disciplines, namely, structure engineering, disaster prevention, mitigation and protection engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, and geotechnical engineering), and master degree in second-class discipline in engineering mechanics, and is authorized to confer doctoral degree in construction and civil engineering. In "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of Shandong Province, the Discipline of Structure Engineering is selected as a provincial key discipline subject and the laboratory for structure engineering and disaster prevention and mitigation is chosen as a key laboratory.

The School owns nine scientific and technical institutes including an engineering structure research institute and an engineering identification and reinforcement research institute, Shandong technical research center devoted to civil structure diagnosis, reconstruction and disaster prevention engineering, and Shandong technical research center devoted to steel structure engineering for green buildings, and provincial key laboratories for building structure identification, reinforcement and reconstruction. In recent five years, the School has published 600-plus essays, participated in drafting nearly 40 books as a leading author, and has been awarded more than 20 prizes in technology at and above the provincial level and four provincial prizes for excellence in education. The courses "Design Principle of Reinforced Concrete Structure" and "Principle of Steel Structure" are selected as provincial courses of excellence.

Currently, the School has over 2600 on-campus undergraduate and college students and over 180 postgraduates. Their high comprehensive quality won them a lot of national and provincial awards and wide social recognition, leading to top-ranking employment rate and quality in various disciplines across Shandong Province.


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