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Delegation From UCSI University of Malaysia Visited Our School

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哈德斯菲尔德大学语言课程 Delegation From UCSI University of Malaysia Visited Our School

  Recently, Willie Tan Moh Leong, vice President of UCSI University, Malaysia came to our school for exchange. The menbers of delegation also include: UCSI University Music College Graduate Program director Jeremy Leong, Art and Design Institute of Digital Media director Alan Ong Tee Chuan, China's Regional Recruitment manager Oliver Song Yinsheng , the Development Association chairman of Chinese Education in Malaysia, Zhang Liang and Zhang Rui, the director of China office of Malaysia-China Education Development Association. Professor Fu Chuanguo, vice president of our school, cordially met the guests and attended the symposium. Heads of the Graduate Office, Academic Affairs Office, Science and Technology Office, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Art College and other relevant departments attended the talks. The symposium was presided over by Chen Baoming, director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department and dean of the School of International Education.

  Fu Chuanguo first extended a warm welcome to the visitors and introduced the basic situation of the school. He pointed out that Malaysia is an important node of China's One Belt And One Road strategy, and the establishment of friendly cooperative relations with Malaysian universities plays an important role in the cooperation and exchange between our university and universities in southeast Asia. The visit of the visiting delegation from Malaysian university has enhanced the understanding and mutual trust between the two schools. By establishing a university-level friendly cooperative relationship, it is hoped that the two sides will have an in-depth discussion on cooperation areas and carry out practical cooperation as soon as possible in such aspects as joint education, joint doctoral training, exchange of visits between teachers and students, and joint application for international research platforms, so as to realize mutual complementarity and mutual benefit. Chen Maoliang thanked the university for its warm reception and introduced the relevant situation of UCSI University in Malaysia. He indicated that Malaysian universities are very interested in cooperation with Chinese universities and hoped that the two universities could carry out cooperation as soon as possible in the fields of cooperative education, teaching and research cooperation and joint training of related majors. The two sides held warm discussions and detailed consultations on how to carry out exchanges and cooperation as soon as possible and reached a number of consensus. Fu Chuanguo and Chen Maoliang signed a memorandum of friendship and cooperation between the two schools.

  The guest gave a special lecture for the students of Art college and had an in-depth communication with the interested students. Accompanied by professor Xue Juan, dean of Art college, we visited the exhibition of students' works.

  UCSI university is the no.1 private university in Malaysia and the only private university in Malaysia to be ranked in the world top 500. In addition, UCSI has been recognized as one of the top universities in the world and won the QS best 70 in 2019 (less than 50 years old). More than 10,000 students from over 110 countries attend the school, making the campus a melting pot of culture and diversity. Under the school of engineering, science and environmental architecture, school of art and design and other majors, to provide undergraduate, master's and doctor's degree education, in various fields and our school has a wide range of cooperation prospects.

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