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The German Delegation Came to Our School for Exchange

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哈德斯菲尔德大学语言课程 The German Delegation Came to Our School for Exchange

Recently, Mr. Manfred Kern, member of The State Council of culture and economy of baden-wurttemberg, and his delegation came to our school for exchange,Professor Kay Vilding, dean of the school of electrical engineering, mannheim dual university, President of the association of Chinese cultural centers in reinecka, President of mannheim Chinese school, and Li Qun, translation center of the foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs office of Jinan.Professor Chen Baoming, director of international exchange and cooperation department and dean of the school of international education presided over the meeting. Relevant personnel from the school of mechanical and electrical engineering and the school of foreign languages attended the meeting.Chen Baoming first extended a warm welcome to the visiting guests. He pointed out that our school attaches great importance to cooperation and exchange with Germany and hopes to actively explore cooperation channels and make progress in student exchanges, professional exchanges, teaching and research cooperation and other aspects through this visit.Professor Kay Vidling expressed her gratitude for the warm reception of the school, introduced the basic situation of the school, and expressed her expectation to establish intercollegiate cooperation and exchange with our school. The participants introduced their respective situations, discussed and exchanged views on cooperation and exchanges, and reached consensus in many ways.After the meeting, the delegation visited the institute of mechanical and electrical engineering.

DHBW (Duale Hochschule Baden Wurttemberg Mannheim), founded in 1974, is one of the first two dual-system universities in Germany.Dual system is a kind of vocational training mode originated from Germany. The so-called dual system means that vocational training requires personnel to attend the training to go through two places of training. Another yuan is an off-campus training place for enterprises or public institutions, whose main function is to let students receive professional training in vocational skills in enterprises.





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